Ashland 12 mile super d

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just past the southern border of Oregon lies the town of Ashland and this place knows how to throw a race 5000 ft up the mountain lies the start of one of the coolest trail networks around and the race course follows a mix of single track and fire roads for 12 miles down the mountain and straight into the heart of downtown. We got into town Friday morning and did two shuttle during the day to get ready for the race. practicing this course is always hard because it is very pedally with a 600 ft elevation climb off of the first fire road along with some smaller climbs later on in the course . While you don’t want to burn your legs up before the race  it is really hard to just cruise on your runs because the single track you get to ride is some of the best i have had the pleasure of riding and i always end up getting excited and just going for it the whole way down. After 30 miles of riding Friday was over and the race was just a few hours away so after a good breakfast we headed up to the top ready to do a pain filled race run. At the top i felt pretty good i was still getting over a chest infection that had me coughing up blood the whole week prior so i wasn’t entirely sure how a 12 mile race run would feel but i was about to find out. Out of the gate was the first fire road which seemed to end way to fast because at the bottom was the big climb. It took about half of the climb before i realized how good i was feeling my legs were feeling strong and i could breath much better than i expected which was nice because i had about 9 miles of trail ahead. Through ought the rest of my run i was feeling great i was having a ton of fun and it seemed like my training was paying off. I really wasn’t fatigued at all and i was hitting all of the technical sections to the best of my ability. My run was going great until i started to notice my front wheel was pushing a little more than usual through a few corners and when i looked down at my tire i could see that it was low on air so i just started to sprint hoping i could make it the last two miles to the finish but after a minute or two my tire was completely flat and i just decided to ride it out which was sketchy to say the least. After barely making it down the last trail i crossed the line.I was bummed about the flat but at the same time i was really happy with how good i felt throughout my run i could definitely see my hard work paying off and that was really cool. After checking the times i was surprised to see i finished in mid pack pro with a 37:40 and i was less than 4 minutes off of the winner, I was stoked to see that without the flat i would have been right up there. In the end the whole weekend was awesome and i got close to 70 miles of riding in with all of my friends and really what more could you ask for. Thanks to Canfield Brothers bikes and trucker deluxe clothing for helping me out!


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