Race Report: Port Angeles, Wa Pro Grt #1

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

So the first race of the year is in the books and all i can say is that it was a great learning experience. Wednesday afternoon two friends and i set off for port angeles Washington for the first round of the pro grt series. After 13 hours in the car we arrived in PA Thursday morning and got our first look at the race track. This course was sick, roots lined the entire track from top to bottom along with a bunch of  jumps and huge bermed out corners everywhere, needless to say i was excited for the race and knew i had the opportunity to do well on this trail. For the rest of Thursday and all of Friday i practiced the track, every run just getting more and more comfortable and getting up to speed for the seeding run on Saturday . Come Saturday morning i was feeling great i had all of my lines set in stone and i felt up to full speed  for the evenings seeding run in practice i was ran three back to back 3:03 runs so i had a good idea of my speed . On my second to last practice run i was having a really solid full run, then on this steep rutted out left hand corner  I my pedal caught a tiny stump on the edge of the corner and that made me drop my front wheel at the exact wrong moment and i ended up riding a nose wheelie down the next section until my front wheel hit a small boulder which sent me flying over the handle bars off of the trail into a tree. I hit so hard i ended up wrapping around the tree and knocking the wind out of my self along with just destroying my entire right side of my body and my right hand. After i got down the trail i rested for a little while in the truck and decided to do a run to see if i could hold on to my bike well enough to do a seeding run in an hour. I ended up barely making it down the trail again do to my hand and right arm not really cooperating with me i knew seeding would be tough but i figure a few ibuprofen and i could make it down. In my seeding run i was having a great top section but in a rough right corner towards the bottom i couldn’t hang on and i ended up blowing my front wheel off trail and sliding down the hill i had to run about 30 feet up the hill after i stopped sliding and grab my bike and start going again during my crash i ended up hitting my front brake lever really hard so once i got back on my bike  i had to ride the last half of the track without a front brake and i ended up running a 3:11 in my seeding about 10 seconds off of the top ten even though i had a rough day i knew i could easily but together a top ten performance if i just stayed smooth on race day. Come race morning i was sore i couldn’t lift my right arm over my head and i couldn’t bunny hop due to my hand so i was kind of stressing out but i had one practice run to figure it out before my race. Practice went alright and after some serious stretching  i was excited for the race. I was in a good mind state and knew if i just put down a solid run i could place really well so in the start gate i just told my self smooth is fast and hit all your lines, as i dropped in i was feeling great i was completely calm and having an awesome top half  Then out of no where on the high speed jump section i was pedaling on the smoothest part of the track  and my pedal hit a root that was sticking out of the ground and next thing i knew i was flipping upside down going 30 mph into a tree then i was laying there on my back and all of the spectators were running to see if i was alright.After laying there for a bit i realized i was ok just really sore but mainly just disappointed in my self all of my hard work and effort had been thrown away. I ended up limping down the hill and getting in the truck then we started the long drive home. On the way home i had a bunch of time to think and even though crashing out was really disappointing i am kind of glad it happened. I learned a lot about race technique this weekend and up until i crashed i was doing extremely well and put myself into the best mind set i have ever had in a race. I am looking forward to the rest of the season and a lot of really great results to come!Huge thanks to Canfield brothers bikes and Trucker Deluxe clothing for supporting me this season.


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