Plattekill Pro grt #3

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

So a few weeks ago i decided to head over to the east coast to race the third round of the pro gravity tour as well as the us open and all i can say is that it was an awesome experience! The first race i hit was the pro Grt #3 at the Plattekill ski resort in Roxbury, NY. This was my first time out east so i really had no idea what to expect as far as the terrain goes and oh boy was i in for a surprise. The course at Plattekill can be described in one word GNARLY! through ought the whole course there were rocks shaped like dinner plates and they varied in size from 6 inches to 2 feet in diameter it sounded like you were riding down a cobblestone street the whole way down and every spot that didn’t have a rock was covered in nasty roots. Needless to say i was in love, the course was unbelievably fun and i was having a great time in practice until on Saturday afternoon i was in the midst of a run when i saw someone stopping riders from going through one of the top sections and as i stopped i heard screaming. It turned out that one of my racing idols Bryn Atkinson had crashed into a 6 foot rock slab and had broken his femur and elbow riding up to the scene of him writhing in pain was really hard on me mentally. After i saw the medical crew attending to him i made my way down the trail to the truck where all i could think about was crashing, needless to say this was the last thing i needed to be thinking about with a qualifying run an hour away. I tried my best to gather myself mentally as i was riding the chair lift up to the start of my run but as i sat in the start gate all i could envision was crashing and when i dropped in my mind was completely scrambled, i missed all of my lines on the top part of the course and was halving a hard time feeling good anywhere due to me thinking the whole way down the course “be careful” after what felt like an eternity of a run i found myself sprinting into the last section of the track with only one woods section left and as i entered the section on the worst line possible i clipped my handlebar on a tree which then sent me spinning into a tree on the opposite side of the trail as i got up and hopped back on my bike i was realized i was completely fine but that little wreck was absolutely the worst possible thing for my confidence. As i crossed the finish line i found myself in 30th place out of 62 pro riders and needless to say i was disappointed in myself and no matter how hard i tried i could not stop thinking about crashing even that night as i laid in bed i couldn’t get my mind to stop racing, I had a hard time sleeping that night. The morning of the race was rough i did two mediocre practice runs and i was really nervous for my race run in the afternoon. After some lunch and relaxation i headed up for my race run and again in the start gate all i could get myself to think was “be careful” while this may seem like good advice to most people, in most action sports the second you try to be overly cautious you tense up and that’s when bad things happen so as i dropped in i picked my way down the trail hitting all of my lines well but i was riding the brakes way more than i ever had in practice every section felt like i hit it really well but the whole time i was being to cautious and just riding slow as i approached the finish line i was really happy with my run but when i crossed it my time didn’t make sense to me. Like i said i felt like i was hitting everything really good but in the end i just rode to cautiously and ended up in 29th place which was pretty devastating due to the fact that i was beaten by a lot of guys i had never been beaten by before and i was no where near where i should have been. I was mad at myself for letting the mental stuff get to me that much but at the end of the day all i could do was take the race as a learning experience and move on with more knowledge then i entered with. I want to give a huge thanks to Canfield brothers bikes and Trucker Deluxe clothing for supporting me this season.


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