The Day My Mind Was Blown. First Ride On The Canfield

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Now i have been riding bikes for about 3 years now and i have 2 years of DH biking under my belt so i have a decent idea of how a big bike handles, how it pedals,  and what happens when you hit some rough terrain. For example rock gardens, roots, jumps,  etc. well on Thursday afternoon everything i thought i knew went out the window, I got to ride my 2011 Canfield Jedi for the first time. As soon as i got it built up i got a ton of compliments on how this thing looks it is just straight up sexy! I ended up going for the black frame with blue links and it turned out killer!

The next thing that jumped out on me was the pedaling efficiency  i was so excited to ride the bike after i built it up i took it off of the bike stand at my local shop and sprinted the 2 miles home full bore and the entire time i was just laughing.This 39 pound full on 8 inch travel bike was easier to pedal than my 6 inch trail bike!As soon as i got home i threw my bike on my rack and called my buddy Brian Raphael a proffessional Photographer to go take some pictures of the maiden voyage. We got to the top of the hill and set off down the infamous Frisbee golf trail.

The top of this trail is basically tight technical steep lava flow with a bunch of drops and really gnarly rock gardens while the bottom is a bit more open with about 70 percent lava flow and a little bit of dirt thrown in for good measure. There are very few people that can ride this trail top to bottom and it is know to be super hard on bikes so i figured what better way to break mine in than to test its limits. Immediately i felt comfortable on the bike and was blown away by how smooth and effortless it felt to maintain speed on the rocks the 2.5 inch rearward travel of this bike is not a gimmick as you hit a rock or bump the bike  just seems to release all of the energy of the impact and keep you going full blast without even thinking i can honestly say the difference was undeniably noticeable and i had a hard time hitting my old lines because my bike was not slowing down the way i was used to.

After hiking the trail and taking some pictures i was completely comfortable on the bike and i was hitting a few lines i have never even contemplated before, the bike was making me feel like i was cheating everything was ten times easier and smoother than ever before. Towards the end of the trail there is this little easy drop about 4foot drop with a transition a few feet out, however Brian was joking and said hey there is a landing out there i looked and was a little 1 foot roller about 30-35 feet out from the end of the drop.I had seen it before but never really gave it much thought because the run in to the drop is full of tennis ball sized rocks and you cant really get speed but i figured i might as well give it a go and see what happens.

I started pedaling into the drop from the normal drop in point and the bike just took off like a bat out of hell, for the first time ever i was allowed to pedal as hard as i wanted through a loose rock garden on flat pedals and not get my feet kicked off. This is what really blew my mind because of the suspension design of my bike it gave me a big enough advantage to let me hit something i never even gave a second thought before.I got up to speed and just sent the bike 30 feet to flat and it never even flinched no noise nothing it just kept on speeding down towards the end of the trail.

So after my first ride I have officially been blown away by the Jedi, I feel like i have been given a huge advantage at every race i enter. And i cannot wait to put this bike through its paces this year and see how fast i can go! I want to give a HUGE thanks to Chris and Lance Canfield for Taking a chance and helping me out this year i cannot express to you how much this opportunity means to me and i Promise i will not let you down. I also want to say thanks to Brian Raphael for taking awesome pictures, and North Rim Adventure Sports for helping me out with my bikes.

  1. The Prawn says:

    Watch for me on the trail . I ghost riders and pass em like snails. my roost waste goggles

  2. The Prawn says:



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