Ashland Enduro!

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So this past weekend “23/24th” was the first ever Ashland Enduro Race and the only word to describe it was Epic! This race was the second of the five round Oregon Enduro Series and the field was absolutely STACKED. Over 300 racers registered to compete in the first ever Ashland Enduro with over 65 Pro men. The race was broken up into 4 stages two 4 minute stages one 7 minute stage and the final stage was a 23 minute sprint through hell. The Format was amazing and helped create a very relaxed atmosphere with two stages on Saturday and two stages on Sunday the racers had plenty of time to hang out together and talk to friends new and old. After a solid two short stages on Saturday I was sitting in 15th place overall and was really excited to hit the mountain Sunday and try to hold on to my position! Sunday morning rolled around and news came down that the top was covered in snow due to the storm that hit the night before needless to say I was excited I love riding in adverse conditions and really was looking forward to my race. As i took the start gate I had Carl Decker lined up behind me which was really cool to be lined up amidst riders of his caliber after having a two solid stages the day before. I tried my best¬† to mentally prepare myself for the long stage ahead and when the they counted down 3.2.1 It was on. Its hard to recount 23 minutes of racing but I had a solid run the whole way down and without pre riding the course I felt surprisingly comfortable and before I knew it I was Listening to the ring of cowbells and people cheering as I came into the finish area. When I crossed the line I felt like I had tried my best and was very happy with my effort. In the end I finished 17th on the weekend and was roughly 1.5 minutes off of the win. I am really looking forward to the next three rounds of the Series seeing as each round suites me better than the last and my training is only going to make me stronger towards the end of the Season. I am shooting for a top five before the year is done and with all of my great sponsors by my side I cant wait to achieve my goals!

Huge thanks go to:

Five Ten
Dragon Graphics
Tnt Athletics
Mrp chaingudes
Marzocchi Suspension
Canfield Brothers Bikes.


Afternoon Delight

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Trail Bike Photo Shoot

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So last Saturday a friend Dane Peterson and I went out to get some cool trail bike photos and definitely got a few gems here are some of my favorites!

Huge thanks to Canfield Brothers Bikes, Deity Components, Five Ten Shoes, Marzocchi Suspension, And Mrp.


Bike Check Photos!

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Here are a few bike check pics that my good friend Brian Raphael helped me out with! 2012 is going to be a great year. Huge thanks to Canfield Brothers Bikes, Deity Components, Five Ten Shoes, Marzocchi Suspension, And Mrp.



A Good Day At The Skatepark

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The other day I was riding the skate-park when my good friend Brian showed up so we decided to get some pics. Here are my favorites!

Huge thanks to Canfield Brothers Bikes, Deity Components, Five Ten Shoes, Marzocchi Suspension, And Mrp.


Bar Drag Bounty Video

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Here is the video my friend Brian and I did for the bar drag bounty contest.

BDB2 A “Harsh” Winter In California – More Mountain Bike Videos

If I was forced to describe the past weekend in two words I would say, Confidence Inspiring! Last weekend my good friend Sean ” The Prawn” and I drove down to Boulder City Nevada to race the Nevada State Championships at Bootleg Canyon. The track was awesome, absolutely full of line choice and for the few sections you weren’t battling to stay moving through rock gardens you were doing 35 to 40 miles per hour hitting blind drops and wide open corners. I felt fast all weekend in practice and definitely knew that I was poised for a good result, I was also extremely happy with how my new bike was running thanks to some pit support from Sean at the Can-field Brothers Bikes booth. After a night studying helmet cam footage from the track, Sunday morning rolled around and it was time to race. In the start gate I took a deep breath and just told myself to ride within my limits and stay smooth. As the last beep from the starter sounded I dropped in an went into auto pilot mode. The run was going great. I really only had one major mistake at the top that cost me some precious seconds but next thing I knew I was coming down the steep chute towards the bottom of the track and was still feeling strong. I rode the bottom section a bit timid but very smooth and when the finish line was in sight I knew I was on a good time. As i crossed the line I felt a huge weight come off of my shoulders and at that moment I knew all of the hard work I have put in this winter was really paying off and that 2012 is going to be a season to remember! After the last few guys came down I ended up finishing 6th place among a really stacked pro field, And I was the fourth fastest American on the day! A huge thanks go to:
Canfield Brothers Bikes
Five -Ten shoes
Mrp Chainguides
Marzocchi Suspension.

I can’t thank all of my sponsors enough and I really want to say that without there help none of this would be possible.

A Day of Downhill In Paskenta

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Saturday Morning a bunch of friends and I decided to go out to paskenta and ride some dh bikes. After a few successful runs my friend Brian hit a tree and was pretty out of it. So instead of riding he took a few shots for me and did some filming. I think they turned out pretty good!Full album from saturday

These Are Real Men……

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Absolutely Nuts.

I have an awesome group of sponsors for this year and I cant wait to get them on the podium!

Canfield Brothers Bikes

Deity Components

Five Ten Shoes

Marzocchi Suspension

MRP Chain-Guides

Chico Bike Experience Project

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Recently I was contacted by the Chico Museum, They were looking for help putting together a video about the experiences of people riding in Chico. After a few days of filming I got a rough draft done and here it is. Thanks to Northrim Adventure sports for lending me the camera and Danny Valine for riding the Bmx track for me.

Link to the video below:

The Chico Bike Experience